Scream FAQ

Check out these frequently asked questions before contacting Support.

1. Help! I haven't received the coins I purchased.

Hi, we are very sorry for the issue you encountered. Due to network problems or problems with our payment service provider, there may sometimes be a delay in processing your payment. If you are an iOS player, please click on 'Restore' at the top-right corner in the Purchase Center. If you are an Android player, we suggest you re-login to obtain your belated coins. Don't worry if you still do not recieve coins after trying the steps above; please take a screenshot of your payment receipt (either from the App Store of Google Play or in-app), and send to our Feedback Center. We will contact you about retrieving your missing coins.

2. I am not able to complete my purchase.

All purchases made on Scream are processed through Google Play and the App Store. You can use any major form of payment in these stores. Please contact Google or Apple Customer Service if you're encountering payment issues. Note: it is recommended that you buy coins with a Facebook or Google account.

3. Some of my coins are gone.

Please check that you're logged into the correct Facebook or Google account. If the account is correct, then verify that your coins have not expired. Bonuses have a limited-time use, and the expiration time displays in your Wallet History. Then, view records of your transactions and confirm that the coins haven't been spent. If you're certain your coins haven't been spent, please contact our Feedback Center.

4. I can't log into Scream.

Please check your network connection. If theres is no problem with your internet connection, please make sure the account you want to log into is not a visitor account, as a visitor account can't be logged in on multiple devices.

5. My viewing history and coins are gone.

Please check that you are logged into your account. Please note that a visitor account cannot track your reading history or purchases across multiple devices. It is recommended you log in with a Facebook or Google account to retain your history.

6. I found an error in a story I read.

Please provide the corresponding book title, episode name, and the relevant error to our feedback team. Our staff will help solve the issue as soon as possible.

7. How can I submit my story to Scream?

We are actively seeking talented authors for Exclusive.If your manuscript is complete, Please contact us at with the email subject "TITLE Submission for Scream" and we will contact you if your story is selected. We can't wait to read your stories!

8. Why do my Coins decrease unexpectedly despite not using them?

Coins are the official digital currency of Scream and there are two types of Coin: 1. Regular Coins. These are Coins from purchase in-store/in-app and will never expire. 2. Bonus Coins. Bonus Coins come along as a free gift whenever you make a purchase of Coins, and will expire after 30 days. There are also bonus coins as rewards from various quests and events (ex. Daily Check-in, Read Rewards, etc), and these expire after 7 days.

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